awwwniall I don't understand how people can love Liam less than other boys in the band.. He's such a sweetheart, he's so cute & he always tries to connect with us, with fans! I hate this difference between Harry's and Liam's followers.. I think it hurts him... He's doing all his best for us and some directionators crush everything by not following him... I wanna slap every directionator's face, because band isn't called "Harry & the boys", it's called "One Direction" and there are FIVE MEMBERS... Follow all boys, hug all boys, speak with all boys... #onedirection #1d #liampayne #harrystyles #zaynmalik #louistomlinson #niallhoran #note 2y
  •   liampayne_hot Ikr??? Liam is such a sweetheart!!! Why do people like him less? Is that just beacause he is quiet and emotional and more responsible??? Well i think he is a darling and anyone who thinks otherwise can go get a life!!! He deserves as much love as all the other members! 2y
  •   awwwniall @liampayne_hot I fully agree with you!! I don't really know how people can dislike him! I was really surprised when I found out about it.. I saw tweets like: "#LiamFact: Liam has one kidney. Oh, that's so good! It means he'll be the first, who will die!".. when I saw it, I asked that girl if she was kidding or..? She told me that she disliked Liam the most and that she really wants him to die first.... When I see tweets like that it just breaks my heart I JUST WANT TO KILL PEOPLE LIKE HER, I THINK THEY SHOULDN'T BE ALIVE IF THEY SAY THINGS LIKE THAT.... Liam is flawless, I really love him 2y
  •   liampayne_hot Lets hunt that girl down and hill her....seriously 2y
  •   liampayne_hot *kill 2y
  •   awwwniall @liampayne_hot okay, let's kill her:) 2y
  •   liampayne_hot You take the knife ill take the gun 2y

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