•   xta51 Yeaaaaa my dude the good old days ahahaha...how u been dawgZ? Been yrs my nig @ltent 3y
  •   officiallt_ @xta51 I comment on Jackie pic right ? 3y
  •   officiallt_ @xta51 I'm aite bro just been doin me tryin to get right .. Where u now and how u been? 3y
  •   xta51 Yea that same pix she posted lol ...yea I hear that dawg ..I'm out here in jp now and just chilling getting older and shit lol @ltent 3y
  •   officiallt_ @xta51 who you fucks with now? U work 3y
  •   xta51 I still B with rackoon polar bear Luis naw mean and yea I b working out in Cambridge @ltent 3y
  •   officiallt_ @xta51 Luis cortez ? What's good with Larry? 3y
  •   xta51 Oh naw Luis feliciano ..I just spoke with Larry the other day homie wanted some bread to blaze up in the joint I think he got like 2yrs left dawgZ @ltent 3y

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