pac96 Hey everyone! Fun Fact! The population of the town I live in is now smaller than the number of followers I have on IG! Thank you followers! I love you all! :) 3y
  •   megan_2298 Haha that's funny guessing u live near a lake or water based on your pics? 3y
  •   pac96 Haha yeah I live near a river and a lake is in a town next to me :) @pandasrock14 3y
  •   pac96 Haha I live in the land of 10,000 lakes  @pandasrock14 3y
  •   megan_2298 That's so cool we have a pond in our back yard my sister and I tried to swim in it once turned out bad! 3y
  •   pac96 Oh that sucks :( why did it turn out bad? @pandasrock14 3y
  •   megan_2298 Red bumps 3y
  •   pac96 Oh bummer! Hopefully it goes better next time!  @pandasrock14 3y
  •   megan_2298 Ya like I'm going in there again haha gtg night 3y

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