idisney I'll be having a meet up this Saturday June 9th. Meet up at the hub in Disneyland USA @ 3:30pm. If you can't make it at that time feel free and let me know. I really hope you can make it! #disneyland #disneycaliforniaadventure #disney #idisneymeetup 3y
  •   oneandonlylostgirl I really wish I could go! I'm trying to plan a trip for sometime this summer. 3y
  •   smh_anthony Dude my pass is blocked all the way till the end of August -_- 3y
  •   keut I am never available for these lovely photo! Have fun ~ 3y
  •   bbbbberissa August 26-31 I will be there!! hopefully you will be too 3y
  •   janinacee I'll be there next month, hopefully you can meet up with me and my fam! 3y
  •   justcallmekp I think Jonathan and I can be there later in the day... I'll text ya if we can make it 3y
  •   sheena101 @idisney I will be there! We are previewing Cars Land that day. Awesome! 3y
  •   jrhal @idisney I'll be there and will stop by to say hi if I can. 3y

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