•   garage_p Ah you have definitely moved on to bigger and better things!! 2y
  •   jen_street2track Can only keep moving up. @garage_p 2y
  •   garage_p You could always try stock up on them! Never that easy tho!! What's the plans with the eg9? Will there be another project or is it a keeper 2y
  •   jen_street2track Both @garage_p Lol.. I have a photo shoot Sunday for a specific Honda Magazine 2y
  •   garage_p Yes that's what I like to hear.. I look forward to whatever it is next! I hope to never have to sell my h2b eg6 or my jdm dc2.. I have both 2 years now and nothing could tempt me to sell either. . What's the honda magazine? How long before its in an issue?? 2y
  •   jen_street2track Honda Tuning... 6-9 months was all I've gotten so far 2y
  •   garage_p You must let me know when you find out what issue it will be and I can order one we don't get that mag over here 😟 2y
  •   scoopbomb Miss this one 2y

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