unbrokenkyliee Intro: I always knew I would have a great life. My mom was always there for me through everything. That's what made me and her closer. I may not seem like just your average normal boy but I am. I live in a small town in Canada called Stratford. I am the star there. Everyone knows who I am. But that doesn't really matter to me. What matters is my family and my love for singing. Everyday I sing till there's no tomorrow. That's probably why I'm so good! Haha.. I enjoy singing for many people especially my fans. I mean they are what brought me here right? There's just one thing I have to say to them and my mom... I turn to you! *on the beach* Justin's POV; *sitting down on the sand,looking around, thinking about his life* Man, its really nice to relax while everyone else is having fun. Sometimes I just want to have a normal life for a day at least. But I don't think that'll happen for a long time. *draws in the sand* Maybe its not me or the fact that I wanna break? Maybe I just need someone in my life! That's it! I need a gf! Pattie: Justin! Time to go dear! Justin: *runs to Pattie* MOM! MOM! I GOT IT! I GOT IT! Pattie: Got what dear? *confused, walking on to the bus* Justin; *right behind her* I just need somebody to love! Pattie; *smiles and sits down* Ohh hunny. Your not serious are you? Justin; Mom, I'm not kidding. I want a gf. Pattie; are you sure? You know because you can always still be my little boy. *pinches his cheeks* Justin; Mom, I'm 18. I'm practially almost an adult you keep hanging on to me like I'm still your little boy. I need someone in my life that I can love and take care of. Someone ELSE besides you that'll always be by my side and willing to go on these wonderful adventures with me! Pattie; And who is that gonna be JuJu? *stares at him* Justin; I guess we'll just have to find out.. ~the end~ Tell me what you think? :) 3y

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