daynalouca attempted to make a healthy version of my flute #breakfast the other morning ... cinnamon #oatmeal w/ toasted #almonds, #berry compote, #banana, #coconut butter, #flax and coconut-almond butter 3y
  •   hannahsal @daynalouca THIS IS AMAZING! 3y
  •   georgiacourtney All your foods look incredibly amazing! My sister told me about your instigram and I'm literally addicted!!! how do you make the oatmeal so well!! It always looks delicious @daynalouca 3y
  •   daynalouca Haha shutup @edwardcarter !! Hahaha thanks so much @georgiacourtney. I make it all the time so a lot of practice I guess, and just get ideas from everywhere, including instagram on what to put in and make to go with it! It's all really easy. 3y
  •   georgiacourtney I tried this really didn't work 3y
  •   daynalouca @georgiacourtney Hahha awww!! How did you cook it and what with? 3y
  •   georgiacourtney I used a heap of oats chia seeds pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeks and cooked it on soy milk then added honey and cinnamon but it exploded in the microwave haha! So I just ate what was left and added natural natural yogurt and cut up fruit! Yours definately looks a lot better! @daynalouca 3y
  •   daynalouca @georgiacourtney hahah awww! Such good ingredients though. Well I cook mine on stove top mostly every morning which is easier!! 3y
  •   georgiacourtney Yeah I was going to do that but I was too lazy haha! Yours always look so bloody good! @daynalouca 3y

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