randigilbert My little passenger 3y
  •   dc_____________ That is super cute seems like a cool cat 3y
  •   beegee305 @randigilbert does he talk the whole time or just observe?? Mine puts his head out the window like a dog 3y
  •   randigilbert Lol @beegee305 he's more of an observer but I swear he's more like a dog too 3y
  •   rosy_82 aawww dr. roy linx! 3y
  •   chooseyourpeace Aweee I loveeee this!! 3y
  •   elnizar He wants to eat your tat. 3y
  •   soso1979 No lie- lol I had a cat for 6 years exactly like yours and now I found one exactly the same like a year ago and my mom kept her for me- I cant- she named her after me. Lol- same color and all.. 3y

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