ballaibea reminiscing... us 10!!!! years ago 4y
  •   iemenja Are you sure? 10? No way! You had just met it was all so fresh and new! You look better now you know.... 4y
  •   iemenja That's why we never actually learned French. We went to that school with good intentions but then we met guys... we didn't need French anymore 4y
  •   ballaibea @analcoimbra pretty sure .. today is our 8 th wedding anniversary and we met 2 years befor getting married ... this pick eas taken 2 months after meeting ,, april/ may of 2002 4y
  •   ballaibea and yea he is the reason my french is not something to brag about :)) 4y
  •   nemeti Boldog ev fordulót kivanunk Mama és Lajos . 4y
  •   iemenja Oh yeahhhh HAPPY ANNIVERSARY 4y
  •   ballaizsu 4y
  •   _lorilori aaaw cute couple 4y

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