___kimberlyjane____ Plumeria 3y
  •   chiefchilli Love them. I thought they are called something else? Mmmm frangipani?? 3y
  •   chiefchilli And thank you for all your likes. Hope you've had an amazing vacation. I'm still jealous, tho! 3y
  •   ___kimberlyjane____ @chiefchilli Frangipani and Plumeria are the same, check wiki. Lol we had a wonderful time!! Thank you so much!!!  thank you for following the vacation photos and all your likes, too!! 3y
  •   chiefchilli Hey, it is MY pleasure. 3y
  •   bonecabionica Ohhh this is one of my fav flowers! Smells soooo good!!  3y

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