katesthehippie Nighttime Carriage Ride 3y
  •   buy_aapl Nice pic! 3y
  •   katesthehippie Thank you, @buy_aapl!! Had to take a bunch before I got one that was in focus. Trying to take a no flash, nighttime pic in a mule pulled carriage is a little tricky. ;) 3y
  •   buy_aapl Haha I hear ya! No flash is not that bad. The moving mule carriage is the tricky part! Well done! 3y
  •   katesthehippie @buy_aapl, haha, agreed! I found it was better if I just kept the button held down until after the camera took the pic it worked better. It makes a good story anyway. :) 3y
  •   buy_aapl Oh great story! Haha! 3y
  •   katesthehippie Thank you, Paul!! @paulmckendrick 3y
  •   katesthehippie Thanks, @naterider. It was, actually. I don't remember what street this was on, maybe Chartres, but I forget. It was a perfect night for a carriage ride. & our mule's name was Diana Ross! Ha! 3y

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