simplyonederful People can be so fucking sick. Why would anybody hate on them? They're perfect for each other. Hating on her won't make him like you, as stated by other people. Obviously he loves her and all you're doing I hurting HIM. Do you not realize that? Seriously, he is the sweetest person ever. And she's perfect for him. And to the people who say she used him for fame, seriously need to gtfo and get a life. I hate seeing my Liam like this. So all of you just stfu and get away from this fandom. Thank you very much. ~Jelian 3y
  •   overthezaynbow AMEN!!! I agree. As long as the boys are happy, I'm happy. I won't say stuff because I know they're happy! They don't deserve hate or mean stuff! 3y
  •   adriana_sofia_alvarez Beliebers have been hating on Liam !!! It all over twitter let's make #beliebersstophatingliam or #directionersloveliam trending topics !! 3y
  •   valerietomlinson makes me soooo mad 3y
  •   simplyonederful @adriana_sofia_alvarez why would beliebers hate on Liam? I'm a Belieber. Directionators are hating on Danielle because they have nothing better to do. Don't assume that it was just Beliebers. 3y
  •   y0emilyy THIS ! People are telling me he lost fans bc of that tweet ? GOOD , they're not real fans anyways . But if he didn't then even better (: 3y
  •   adriana_sofia_alvarez I was on a bieber fan page and the owners were saying indirect stuff about Liam and going on and on about how JB would never call his fans "dicks" Wich Liam didn't do anyways so yeah they were being a bit annoying. 3y

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