wisieeee @keithryan147 that's what we're doing! Whenever I get money or owe it I let them do the whole credit card thing haha 3y
  •   keithryan147 Haha my little cousins just kept stealing all my money and I had no clue they were doing it 3y
  •   wisieeee @keithryan147 haha they honestly could be doing that right now and I would have no idea 3y
  •   keithryan147 Everything was cheaper for them than for me haha terrible rules they had. Bring back the cash 3y
  •   wisieeee @keithryan147 haha seriously. The girl in the white shirt has 15 million... I want the old school cash back 3y
  •   wisieeee @keithryan147 .....I just went bankrupt to a 9 year old and an 11 year old.... 3y
  •   keithryan147 Hahaha already ? Something fishy about that 3y
  •   wisieeee @keithryan147 ha yea 3y

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