shutter_se7en A mind divided 3y
  •   honeybeeme27 A quick glance and I got a Bob Fossey vibe, closer look and it reminded me of an Upton Sinclair novel. Nice work, as always. 3y
  •   igerssf Thanks so much for coming out!! 3y
  •   leeseblue You always amaze me 3y
  •   robinoliver Where was this picture taken ? Very nice 3y
  •   shutter_se7en @robinoliver San Francisco noe valley 3y
  •   kt7leigh Simply put...your photo's are incredible. You're talented & your captions are genuinely one of a kind! #beautiful #art #AwayWithwords 2y
  •   shutter_se7en @k7leigh wow! Thank you very much. And thanks for looking so deep in the stream 2y
  •   dactilar_kw ur photos r just perfect!! they r really nice! all 2y

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