aliasjoeg The @no_ones_hero List. So i DID get 1 new #comic. But it was mostly @robertliefeld & @JHickman who got most of my money. (... Well @imagecomics got my $$$) #Glory has been added to my #PullList. Just not use to seeing it on the shelf. Love Joe Keatinge's storytelling & Ross Campbell's art. Their a killer team! And then we have 2 #comics from Mr. Jonathan Hickman, also out from #imagecomics. Got both issue #1 of #TheManhattanProjects & #Secret. SHHH! Don't tell me anything about then! Always because of only having 1 #ComicBook, i'm giving #AmericasGotPower (HEY! Yet another image Comic!) a try. And last but NOT least, the 1 comic i was getting. #IDW'a #StarTrek / #DoctorWho #1. I am a big... BIG FAN of J.K. Woodward's art. So just having his name on the cover was a pay for me. 3y

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