petsusa Share, Tag, Retweet, Reblog and Share!!!! Say no to #pet products Made In #China or Ingredients Grown In China!!!! A man spotted a truckload of 580 whimpering #dogs crammed together on a Beijing highway, speeding toward their slaughter for their #meat. He put a call out on a Twitter-like microblogging site, asking animal lovers to block the truck and force the driver to release the dogs. Where there are few if any animal protection laws except for wild animals. In addition, dogs are still routinely on the menu at many homes and restaurants. But the man put out the call nonetheless, and 200 people responded immediately. They didn't simply show up with picket signs or come to a shelter to adopt the animals. They drove their cars and physically blocked the #truck after it passed through a tollbooth. The blockade lasted 15 hours, and in the end, they negotiated the dogs' release for $17,000 -- mostly contributed by a pet company and an #animal protection foundation. No one was arrested. Do not buy dog or cat food made in china!!! Do not buy #dog or #cat food who's ingredients are produced in China!!! Purchase #madeinamerica 3y

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