bemuze Manny cleaning his antennae 4y
  •   lorri2611_ud Awww! Glad to hear Manny hadn't left and we can see more pics and he can still enjoy his basil too!! Hehe 4y
  •   albleo Wow awesome!!! U r "the best" 4y
  •   ania_dz Is it clapping? ;P 3y
  •   bemuze @ania_1983 hmmm not sure ;S 3y
  •   ania_dz @bemuze Maybe it appreciates the fact of being in center of attention :-) 3y
  •   bemuze @ania_1983 well this little guy has been the centre of attention for about 6months now. Gonna be so sad when he is gone. Manny is like our pet, I take shots of him every couple of days. Such a cool little character :$ 3y
  •   ania_dz @bemuze keep up the good work. It is amazing! 3y

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