vegansofig I was so upset to learn that Pureology was bought by L’Oréal. As far as I know, Pureology is still vegan and cruelty free, but their new parent company is the devil incarnate. While I do agree that it's good to see vegan companies get out there, there are some companies that far exceed evilness than others. L’Oréal is pure evil (no pun intended). They're also the largest beauty and cosmetics company in the world. L’Oréal owns Biotherm, The Body Shop, Cacharel, DIESEL, Garnier Fructis, Giorgio Armani, Inneov, Keratase, Kiehl’s, La Roche – Posay, Lancome, L’Oreal, Matrix, Maybelline, Pureology () Ralph Lauren Fragrances, Redken, Shu Uemura, SkinCeuticals, Soft Sheen, Vichy, Viktor & Rolf, and Yves Saint Laurent. Ugh. It's horrendous what they do. The most common animal tests are the Draize eye and skin irritancy tests, which are extremely painful and cruel. During this test, rabbits are often immobilized in full-body restraints while a substance is dripped or smeared into their eyes or onto their shaved skin. Laboratory technicians then record the damage at specific intervals for hours or days. Rabbits may suffer swollen eyelids, irritated and cloudy eyes, and inflamed skin, and in the case of irreversible corrosive damage, they may endure ulcers, bleeding, bloody scabs, or blindness. When they're finished with them, they're killed. There was news that L’Oréal donated $1.2 million to the EPA "in collaborative research funding and access to cosmetic ingredient safety data...." That may seem like a lot, but $1.2 million is like toilet paper money to a multi billion dollar corporation like L’Oréal. That little press release also fails to acknowledge that it is perfectly possible to create cosmetics and associated products without torturing animals. I'm not the type of person to drop my panties like the HSUS every time they strike a deal. Until animal testing officially stops, they won't get a penny from me. In closing, L’Oréal can kiss my vegan ass. #vegansofig 3y
  •   lisik1106 is the body Shop vegan? 3y
  •   alienlasagna_ Why do they do this to ANIMALS while we have murderers and theives in jail?!?? My cousins murderer deserves to be tested on first 3y
  •   johnbrunoorganicsalon As a hairstylist @vegansofig ... Pureology not only sold out to animal abusers, but their products are loaded with petrochemicals! 3y
  •   lauren.michael You've gotta understand though that in the science field, not cosmetic, but biology fields at universities, animals are being tested on, little cats are being used to test eye sight with helmets in their heads into their brains, nothing will stop this. Understand that the world is shitty, and this will go on forever and ever and that people get desensitized while working on them for research. In a small town in Paraguay, children are being poisoned with mercury and children are being raped somewhere else. I've just been around science far too much to know that everything is shitty and cruel but there's nothing we can do about it 3y
  •   mmhhhzzz :oooooo :(((( 3y
  •   albinabekova1 good to know !!! That's so fucking sad!!!!! 2y
  •   meatfreemafia Thanks for posting this. I just bought some of their product because it checked out as vegan. Definitely going to return it. I don't want to support anything that company does. 2mon

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