jeremypair Portland Detroit 3y
  •   tyesha It's sad. The old man was really sweet. Hope he just moved to a home. 3y
  •   jeremypair @tyesha Me too. 3y
  •   thebonegypsy Bittersweet pic 3y
  •   503junkie I love that house. I live just up the street and have noticed it empty recently. 3y
  •   jeremypair @503junkie We must be neighbors. I live just in the other side of 39th. 3y
  •   jeremypair @keepingyouawake Thanks man. I pass it everyday and have wanted to take a photo of it. But it just seemed boring. Then yesterday the lighting was just right. 3y
  •   503junkie Definately neighbors. I'm right by the community music center. Cool. 3y

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