s2janie Not as good as Korea, but I am so craving Korean food!! #korea#korean#instafood#food#asian 2y
  •   mskristylu What are those 2 white squares in that small plate called? I tried them twice and loved it dont knw the name thou :( 2y
  •   s2janie @geekay88 Ahh I have no idea. I'll ask next time I go. It's some kind of jelly. Not my favorite, but it's unique. 2y
  •   s2janie @swtpinay the soup? It's a rice cake soup dish. 2y
  •   swtpinay It looks so good :) 2y
  •   mskristylu @s2janie ohh ok. Let me know if u find out thnx! 2y
  •   mhko1 The jelly-like cuisine on the plate is called 'mook'. It's really from jelly-like florescent sea weeds from sea. I am afraid it doesn't taste any good without soy souse, but rich in fiber and vitamins. 2y
  •   alittleaboutalot Mmmm 2y
  •   bojakilover loooooooks delicious :^) 2y

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