davidglantz Finished Albert's reinvention of an old Usugrow piece. It took him six years to regain the courage to do the script. #usugrow #toronto #bluejays #tattoo 4y
  •   midnite_tremors Holy shit! I think you drew this up around the time you were working on my cash portrait 4y
  •   yelenajoelle I've always loved this one. Nice to see it finished! 4y
  •   hartle55 Always liked this piece smokey... Lettering makes it. 4y
  •   fliprchick @davidglantz_ats he told me that you made him cry...hahaha! The photo doesn't do it justice, amazing work as always! 4y
  •   davidglantz @midnite_tremors Probably about six months after your Cash tattoo, but yeah, definitely close! 4y

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