jefholm Long day of traveling...finally hanging with my mom in South Carolina 4y
  •   stephanieschwartz_ @jefholm If you crave a love that deep then that is what you should pursue, and that alone...don't waste your time on superficial surface encounters with people who you don't care about and who don't care about you. I hope you have good friends surrounding you (and it seems like you do...) who are willing to shake you and tell you to cut it out because you're better than that...because you are better than that. 3y
  •   stephanieschwartz_ And I hope that your mom is around to remind you of the love that you desire/deserve as well. @lholm14 3y
  •   asia_morgannn Well I'm mormon too @jefholm 3y
  •   longislandjax Chipotle! Omg 3y
  •   serenaseychelle @jefholm Your parents are my missionary's mission presidents... Haha 3y
  •   ashtynxx Come back to south Caroline 3y
  •   souh_souh Chipotle deserves a geoloc 2y
  •   sxyrnrlegz This is adorable!! 2y

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