•   casillas_v It feels better after the massage but i still get numbness from my pinched nerve at the elbow 4y
  •   diana_dl @csolorio89 I was exercising last week and it happened but I didn't think anything of it because I didn't have pain so I used it for a whole week and made it worse so I went to the doctor and turned out to be a dislocated kneecap and stretched ligament 4y
  •   diana_dl @vikirozay I felt numbness and no pain... Get it looked at, better safe than sorry! @texin23 working out 4y
  •   csolorio89 Oh no that sounds painful ... 4y
  •   chuypaco7 @diana_dl I hope you have a speedy recovery 4y
  •   diana_dl @chuypaco7 @texin23 Thanks! 4y
  •   vdbombom What happened?? 4y
  •   rorowber Ouch 4y

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