we_love_one_direction Amen. Say what? You think Niall is ugly and do t like him as much? Stupid hoe I'll give you 5 seconds to run. Don't forget I was the 3 fastest in my grade. 3y
  •   camicomet This 3y
  •   _halloffame_1d @catherinedemick ok.. Im srry I just don't like when people hate on him!! I mean he hasn't done anything wrong and I cry everytime someone makes him feel bad 3y
  •   catherinedemick @niallsnandosfreak No worries. (: I absolutely hate it, too! It really doesn't make sense to me. What has he ever done to them? Nothing. He is an angel, and they are devils - jealous because they can never be that good. 3y
  •   _halloffame_1d @catherinedemick I swear that's what I say!!!! 3y
  •   catherinedemick Ahaha! It's true. Great minds think alike. (: 3y
  •   viancamb Then ur not a directioner if u hate him so much...remember that He's part of one direction...anyways keep all the bad things you have to say inside your mind cause no one wants to get hurt bad 3y
  •   viancamb *to all the frekin haters tht don't like Niall 3y
  •   viancamb Flippen* 3y

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