we_love_one_direction Amen. Say what? You think Niall is ugly and do t like him as much? Stupid hoe I'll give you 5 seconds to run. Don't forget I was the 3 fastest in my grade. 4y
  •   dalliellama OMG LOVE THIS PIC!!! 4y
  •   dalliellama Today this "female dog" was all like "I hate Niall he's ugly and I hate him" I'm like "well if u call that ugly then I wanna be ugly too!!! Now go jump off a cliff" LOLOL 4y
  •   imm1025 That also depends on where I the world you are. I know Philly loves him. That's all that matters. Damn, directionators. -________- 4y
  •   camicomet This 4y
  •   janeane_xo @catherinedemick ok.. Im srry I just don't like when people hate on him!! I mean he hasn't done anything wrong and I cry everytime someone makes him feel bad 4y
  •   catherinedemick @niallsnandosfreak No worries. (: I absolutely hate it, too! It really doesn't make sense to me. What has he ever done to them? Nothing. He is an angel, and they are devils - jealous because they can never be that good. 4y
  •   janeane_xo @catherinedemick I swear that's what I say!!!! 4y
  •   catherinedemick Ahaha! It's true. Great minds think alike. (: 4y

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