•   creature_preacher @angel3dl; I'm thinking of getting one off of mood hoops. I'm trying to spend around $85-90. I just don't know which site to go for. I've only been at this for about. Two weeks. And I'm decent. But I love to hoop a night so I'd rather have a beautiful one like this. :] 2y
  •   angel3dl @klulessklc my friend just bought the 'neon' from mood hoops & it is absolutely beautiful. Also well put together. It was just over 100, but they do have hoops in your price range. (: I say go for it! I've seen a lot of happy customers with mood hoops.. They have my approval! 2y
  •   creature_preacher @angel3dl; I'm just afraid I'm gonna get the "Glitch" hoop & not be satisfied with it. They have one I really like called "Muse" but it's $109. And if I buy another battery 2y
  •   creature_preacher @angel3dl ...and plus the shipping, I will be $132. Wah. Lol. 2y
  •   angel3dl @klulessklc my honest opinion on that: if you have a feeling you won't absolutely love it, wait and save an extra few bucks to get the muse if you really like it. It will be worth your wait! (: 2y
  •   angel3dl But regardless, it will be a beautiful hoop! 2y
  •   creature_preacher @angel3dl; I ordered one yesterday off of Etsy.com. If you you go on my profile, it's the first picture. I paid $65. So I hoop ;] it's worth it. :] 2y
  •   angel3dl @klulessklc Yay! Happy hooping!! <3 2y

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