instabraid "Now you're just somebody that I used to know" 3y
  •   tteyha I don't agree! I thinks it's beautiful and I want to learn how to do it! @tonjemil @hollypocket101 3y
  •   lookinfrench @_mel_costa_ It is an inside out braid you just braid backwards and to do that you just take the outside pieces behind instead of in front, I love doing this braid it's easier than everyone thinks so when I do it to my sister everyone thinks I'm so good cause I can do that hahaha but I'm not so great 3y
  •   aimee_aimeenot This is great it would just look a lot nicer if the line where you see your scalp was straight instead of all crooked. 3y
  •   spahhkle_glam It's funny cuz I do this inside out one and can't do the regular one which suppose to be easier! 3y
  •   life0fmarina This is exactly how my sister did my hair.. It's at my page!! 3y

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