nbcnightlynews We are on the air, thanks for joining us. #NN 4y
  •   skidoorn2000 Love matt lauer! 4y
  •   weskirk In my somewhat limited experience in broadcast television those monitors look like a way to measure variations of their output signal. As to what the the letters are for, I couldn't tell ya. @the_kpnc @mmzidek 4y
  •   cxristopherr Thanks @weskirk. And to @ktbollman did you catch Matt thanking Savannah "for being in the studio THIS MORNING"?!? I hit replay twice to make sure I heard him right! XD #MattLauerIsAMorningPerson 4y
  •   ktpoole518 @the_kpnc haha no I didn't but I did rewind the end of the show to hear him laugh at his mistake! So real and unscripted 4y

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