•   michmutters Thanks @sxethang don't worry I've had the same issues of late! 3y
  •   minkxxx Shit hey!!! Good on you! You certainly know your way around a hashish here. Beautiful image. Has a painterly quality although it isn't. Love that. My eyes playing tricks. XX mink 3y
  •   michmutters Hey thanks so much @minkxxx and thank you for coming by :) 3y
  •   marcusod Hey what an awesome achievement -that is so fantastic and you deserve it - this is such a beautiful image it has that sense of action in stillness 3y
  •   minkxxx No worries mate.xX mink 3y
  •   michmutters Thanks @marcusod - I think it was a fluke! But thank you :) 3y

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