eriyasu Time stands still - after going on the SkyWheel, @monicaros and I did a photo walk around Niagara Falls. We took so many photos, played with filters, lenses, and even the bokeh master kit (different bokeh shapes) that we totally lost track of time! The falls had lights shining on them until midnight and it was 11:15! We rushed to go back our hotel room, changed into warmer clothes (it's colder and wetter but the falls) and hurried back down the hill to the falls. We made it just in time. I snapped this AFTER the lights turned off as the mist over exposed everything. For once, we were able to have (our kind of) fun without worrying about work. It was a very good night indeed. This was taken a few nights ago in Niagara Falls, Ontario. 3y
  •   eriyasu @puri1 it's a long exposure shot. Basically,the picture is composed of where ever the light travels (from the objects) in a consistent fashion. In this case, the direction of the water falling from the edge becomes smooth as its an accumulation of the light that has bounced off it over time. I'm probably not doing a good job of explaining long exposure but if you google it, I'm sure there are more intelligent people out three that have summarized it more succinctly 3y
  •   halvaa spectacular! 3y
  •   knightup Great timing :) 3y
  •   pelinnion Soo stunning 3y
  •   puri1 @eriyasu Thanks for the tip! 3y
  •   reilly Awesome photos! 3y
  •   caio_rj Amazing 3y
  •   tazran great shot.. Going there on August ... 3y

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