pigparty Having a perfect morning. Got good news at work, it's my Friday, and I'm off for 11 days! #sweethenry n I are just chillin, n headed to bed. It was a long couple nights at work! 2y
  •   pigparty @ticklyscratches work has been insane!!! I'm do happy for the time off! 2y
  •   pigparty @manders05 going to Oregon for the weekend, and then next week is my normal week off....but I think I 2y
  •   pigparty 'm going to try n work! @manders05 fat fingers always gettin in the way! 2y
  •   pigparty @davidreimer thank you! I hope to come home with all my fingers n toes too! 2y
  •   pigparty @tomiejane I'm out of town this weekend, but might be able to come to PPP, just depends on when we get home 2y
  •   eelnej 2y
  •   manusone A little late.... I LOVE this pic!! 2y
  •   pigparty @manusone thanks Manu! My pottery teacher was just in Kauai. I wanna go back!!! 2y

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