crissyherron gopicnic sent me several of their meals today. I think this is just about the coolest concept, ever. Options for vegans, vegetarians, & meat eaters. Packaged, healthy meals that don't require refrigeration. Great for taking on a plane! 4y
  •   mtrifiro Pretty cool. How's the food taste? 4y
  •   abigailleigh20 Those things are so good 4y
  •   amydb Whoa! Where do you get them? 4y
  •   crissyherron @mtrifiro It is all name brand food that you'd find at Whole Foods and other similar places. Brands like Annie's, PopChips, Enjoy Life, etc. the food is great. gopicnic creates the meals, packages the food together. Awesome concept! 4y
  •   crissyherron @abigaill20 I agree! 4y
  •   crissyherron @amydb,, and some grocery stores. The store locator tool is at 4y
  •   amydb Great, thanks! And they are actually good? 4y
  •   crissyherron @amydb I just got them today. I had the peanut butter & crackers for lunch. It was delicious! I'm not usually a big PB fan, but it was natural PB from Peanut Butter & Co, and it was so good! It came with some whole wheat crackers, which were just the right amount of salty. There was some unsweetened applesauce and some goldfish crackers from Annie's, as well. I ate the applesauce (good) but wasn't hungry after that, so I'm saving the goldfish crackers for a other time. I was very impressed and am looking forward to trying the other ones. 4y

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