zackkattackked I will be assisting for all circus classes from 2-5pm, it's just $10 for a WHOLE DAY of classes, no excuses so you can try the silks, hoop and trapeze! You're not commiting to anyth major, just come down and HAVE FUN! . Save the date, 9th June! #singapore #jitterbugs 4y
  •   insanesther @vanessatlx coming back town soon!? (; @zackkattackked no we're not teaching! Cindy is! We are just "there". Haha 4y
  •   zackkattackked @insanesther, nonsense all of you so pro can get listed on the programme sched already! :D, and yessss my bb is back for awhile in June! . 4y
  •   insanesther No no pro! You got to teach me circus arts okay!? Haha. You're instructor to be! Or already is? (; 4y
  •   zackkattackked @insanesther haha, I have no idea what you're talking about, . And you just have to make time for classes, that's all, . 4y
  •   vanessatlx @insanesther yes babe I'm coming back this sun! :) and wowwwwow luigi jazz eh? Can't wait to be there. And yeah @zackkattackked 's right, betcha guys so pro already! 4y
  •   maphailkeo Its my bday! Lol 4y
  •   zackkattackked @maphailkeo haha, aww well happy birthday in advanced! ! We'll celebrate another time or you can come celebrate with us haha and lean something new since you're getting old already, . IM KIDDING, . 4y

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