kmpapin For Mary..... 3y
  •   kmpapin I think a daily dose of depeche mode is necessary.....keeps evil or something away...i love them @bobas_fettish 3y
  •   miss_murd3r @klaramie I've seen Depeche Mode twice now, both really good shows. I have an unhealthy addiction to 80/90's alternative.. especially when it rains. More 80's alt when it rains than 90's though. Sunny spring days, I tend to go more for Counting Crows, Mother Love Bone type stuff. 3y
  •   miss_murd3r Rainy days, though... Concrete Blonde, The Cure, Jesus And Mary Chain, so on and so forth. 3y
  •   kmpapin :) absolutely.... @bobas_fettish 3y
  •   miss_murd3r @klaramie this conversation could go on for days. You should really get my number from @dsonik1 or hit me up on FB 3y
  •   sumatra_71 I like this conversation.. 3y
  •   kmpapin I will do that! @bobas_fettish 3y
  •   kmpapin =) @sumatra_71 3y

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