ironmind666 Found out today that one of my favorite bands is putting out a new record next week. Crossing my fingers for a vinyl release #gregoryandthehawk 2y
  •   afourwordletter They came on my iTunes the other day when I had it on shuffle: hadn't listened to them probably since some time you and I were hanging out in high school. Great band. 2y
  •   ironmind666 @afourwordletter if I may suggest going through the catalog post boats and birds ep. Every record is so good and she really matured a great deal musically and lyrically. 2y
  •   afourwordletter I will do so. Thank you for the recommendation, good sir. I can always count on you. 2y
  •   ironmind666 Oh Ms. Jennings I miss you so. @afourwordletter 2y
  •   sun_devil Always reminds me of you :') 2y

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