•   annemieke6 Prachtig Yvonne! 4y
  •   nice08 @annemieke6 Dankje Annemieke! 4y
  •   laysporkinhah @nice08 Owwww your pictures are just amazing :) So u live at the Hague?! I'm thinking to have my wedding there, cause my fiancé is dutch ( soest). Now we are living in London but all his family is in holland do would be easier to get married there,And his mom is from the Hague, ;-) love you pictures 4y
  •   nice08 @porkinhah Thank you so much, you're pictures are great too! And welcome in Holland! Nice you're getting married! 4y
  •   2prem 4y
  •   lord_mc_matthews Waouououououh !!! 4y
  •   nice08 @photosbygreg Thanx Greg! And so have you 3y
  •   mario.lorenzo.ny ... "AWESOME!" 😎 2y

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