vanessa_photographyart Time is totally overrated! 3y
  •   rajabintan 3y
  •   a9eelbh Time is over, you are the winner 3y
  •   vassemupp Haha lol My mom and My classmates thanks U and me look very like eachother ^^ 3y
  •   vassemupp And we have the same name wich is cool too haha! 3y
  •   vanessa_photographyart @vassemupp Did you mean that we really look alike or that you and them look like each other?  3y
  •   vassemupp Yes you and me look Alike ^^ haha My mom Said : "OOOH you should send her a picture At you !!" Haha lol! But I've heard that all people in the world have one person that looks just like them, My brother have a guy WHO just live here in Sweden in the same town lol ^^ They look like twins haha! 3y
  •   vanessa_photographyart Sorry for my late response! Yes we do look alike, but not that much that we could be twins  The story with your brother really sounds funny, did he meet that guy once ? And you're way more beautiful than me, haha! 3y

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