instibraid Hi instabraiders! We have noticed ur request for a greater diversity in the race of our models, and we just want you to know that our goal on instabraid is to inspire you all with ideas for creative braids. If we offended any of you, it was unintentional, and each and every one of you is truly beautiful! We love you all! 3y
  •   drealop @instabraid you can't satisfy everyone.!! There will always be a downer.!! You said it best @mrsmendoza_1 3y
  •   laurenibgui Look at the diversity now - the model is asian sorry you guys can't see her eyes 3y
  •   amanda.mei I love the braid. How is that even possible 3y
  •   alex.ross1234 Thank you. That was well said @instabraid but yes it would be nice to see not only Asians but African Americans, mexicans,Latinos.etc. THERE ARE SO MANY DIFFERENT TYPES OF HAIR OUT THERE!! be creative!! ;) 3y
  •   its_camz I just realized hair is hair lol so because you guys have great ideas I can definitely work with it for my own hair and my 7 year old. Thanks @instabraid 3y
  •   samcheetoe Looks like a princess so cute 3y
  •   ester_cielo Bella 3y

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