•   churchell Classic shot still burned into my brain! 2y
  •   gorm @evanspeterj blurb.com do on demand publishing, I made a photo book once through them, quality was ok, but for something like this, would want high end print. 2y
  •   mooview Still love this and him ;) 2y
  •   alanrushbrooke Wow that's me. That book pretty much changed my view on most things that happen in this world... There is a trilogy that hancock wrote so perhaps we should do some new shots and educate some re 2y
  •   alanrushbrooke retards 2y
  •   alanrushbrooke Thanks for the memorys horse it makes me happy. 2y
  •   nick_bray Yes chillwell! One of the best frontside ollies in the business 2y
  •   dibbz Beast of a photo. 2y

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