krum34 Can't get my mom off them Turkish Soaps!! She's so cute!! #addiction to #tv 4y
  •   hayat.sheikha Omg she looks like my mom! She always does that! Must run in the family hahaha 4y
  •   layla422 Omg!!.. Sister are all the same.. 2 weeks in Dallas my mom sat there nonstop w headphones... It's like she wasn't even there!! 4y
  •   janienshalabi I love this. 4y
  •   krum34 @layaly07 lol... her headphones are in the other ear!! She only puts one in. I know what u mean. that's the only way I can get her to leave me alone. I just put on her shows, and forget all about her!! 4y
  •   krum34 @layla422 Oh yeah... And they sit there with that cheesy smile on their face!! She looks just like ur mom when she does that... I tell her all the time. 4y
  •   krum34 @layaly07 oops... Tagged u by mistake. Supposed to be @layla422 4y
  •   imteyaz_s Does she know how to load the show, or to move on to the next? I am also hooked on Fatma, also got hubby's hooked! 4y
  •   krum34 @imteyazs yeah, my mom is a laptop pro now a days!! Lol!! Well she mastered so far!! 4y

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