trendyalize I have #beautiful memories about my time in #Paris maybe because when I #travel I don't like to be a tourist. I think that the beautiful point in a trip, is be part of the people of the country where you are. #Live like they do, act #like they act, go where they go... Make tourism is ok a bit but is very far to be be my favorite expectation in a trip. In my time in Paris I was in Louvre, in la defense, champs élysées several times but any of them is related to my favorite memories. My #favorite memory was happening near #home, in #Montmartre, in a super little #cafeteria where I was meeting with my friends in nights, I remember the atmosphere... the music in the #French speech of my friends, the beautiful walking of the pretty French girls in the street, the voice of that amazing singer in the next bar, the lights of the city under us, and the shadows in the windows of the little #houses in Montmartre . I took this shoot just in front of that cafeteria. And yes, this simple photo of that little house is one of my real memories of my time in Paris, much more important for me that any photo at the Tour Effiel or any other touristic place. There real magic of the places where you travel is never at the tourist spots! <3 3y

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