billy_bakker VCJ poster 2y
  •   peterhuynh Are these your drawing? @billy_bakker 2y
  •   billy_bakker @peterhuynh - nah, this is by the guy who did the og Powell Peralta Ripper, Skull and Sword, Caballero Dragon, etc. He's ill. 2y
  •   billy_bakker VCJ - Vernon Courtlandt Johnson 2y
  •   fiveoclockcannon @billy_bakker ...He's kept a low profile for years until recently...but where do you find his work aside from the Powell Peralta stuff...I've been looking for awhile. 2y
  •   billy_bakker Not sure if there's anything to find. When we got him to come back, he said he hadn't done much art and was more into making music, which is rad when you hear it. He did some Pocket Pistol boards though. 2y

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