sarahbikii Sarah Michelle Bridget, don't wear it out. 2y
  •   samcrann_ @mountainbikeman I'm actually wearing them right now.. 2y
  •   sarahbikii @mountainbikeman HOLLA at me. Quick question, Dre.. Are you a child pervert? Pasties are a must in havasu. I collect them year round and then go ham when I'm on the lake. So Sam can and will enjoy it. (peace love and kitties) YOLO 2y
  •   mountainbikeman Ewww no I'm not a child pervert.... Just a regular pervert so chill broseidon. Uummmm quick question, Sarah.... Do you worship sams pasties after she uses them? I just had a YOLO moment. 2y
  •   sarahbikii @mountainbikeman I love the usage of broseidon. And duh, I have ever pair she has ever worn in a binder..with a caption of when and where she worn them. 2y
  •   mountainbikeman @sarahbikii @samdall25 you guys are so freakishly cute together it's amazing. 2y
  •   samcrann_ @mountainbikeman wait until you see all of our friendship pics from this trip. 2y
  •   mountainbikeman Sarah B and Sam C scrapbook!! Make one. 2y

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