tamerajane Gluten free carb frenzy. That's my first garlic bread in years! 3y
  •   missmatilda Have you had Against the Grain bread? It's GF and it's spectacular. It's stupid expensive but so with it. 3y
  •   tamerajane @missmatilda from Vermont? It's not very good. This is a company called west meadow farm and it is the best I've found so far! 3y
  •   missmatilda No? We make grilled sandwiches and it's soo good like that. Haven't had it not grilled. I'll have to see if I can find west meadow. We always are looking for new treats or we eat same thing all time. 3y
  •   honeykennedy I've been going crazy for spaghetti. 3y
  •   meghaneileen82 This looked so good I whipped up some spaghetti for dinner. 3y
  •   robyn_mizrach Get yourself a bread machine w/ a GF setting! One of the best presents I've ever gotten. So easy and the house smells like bread again! 3y
  •   tamerajane @missmatilda we tried the baguette, it was inedible even toasted!! 3y

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