mon_icaca #eww one of my #eggs was #bloody. #gross 3y
  •   mon_icaca @cheechunnn ikr? I cracked it and it was all pinkish so I looked closer and there was a blood clot or something. Lol. I still ate it. Last two eggs hahaha 3y
  •   linnachi I feel like this makes me wanna barf!!!! 3y
  •   mon_icaca @tashhhh ya eww! I've cracked eggs with two yokes in one egg before but never bloody. I wana google it but since I ate the egg(minus the clot) I don't wana puke. Hah 3y
  •   mon_icaca @linnachi haha I js googled it n its safe to eat. But still nasty. 3y
  •   _t0sheezi Omgeezy ewww. 3y
  •   mon_icaca @tosheezi haha. HI!! I miss you! When did I see you last? Aug? 3y
  •   _t0sheezi Yea for the reunion. Lets hit a hh or something. 3y
  •   _t0sheezi Hiiii lol 3y

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