elenalong Working on getting up into #handstand slowly. 3y
  •   elenalong @marcoriolo I can hold a headstand for pretty long. But a handstand? I still need the wall behind me to catch me if I want to stay up for a minute or so. 3y
  •   marcoriolo @elenalong hahaa of course some day for the both of us. I have been Practicing head stands and than doing controls leg raises from there to build the muscles. Is there any methods you've been doin? 3y
  •   elenalong @marcoriolo That's a great idea. I just get into position, hands on floor, butt up and walk my feet in, get on to the tips of my toes as much as I can and try with all my might to lift those toes up. But no. :/ can't do it. 3y
  •   marcoriolo Lol I am finding its engaging my legs and toes and than abs tilting my hips. It's the core just screaming hahahaa @elenalong 3y
  •   elenalong @browneyedbandit4 see here? Before I kick one leg up, I'm getting up into my tip toes and putting a lot of weight into my arms. Always keep your core strong. Take one leg and bend it. The other leg is straight up in the air. Using the strength from your bent leg on the ground, bounce up, bringing both legs together at the wall. 3y

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