amandact One of the most amazing pieces of street art I've ever seen. 4y
  •   binkdub Yes one of my favourite things about IG is the glimpse of other parts of the world. 4y
  •   amandact @klauswarschkow  4y
  •   amandact @alexwinn Look at this beauty. I went back there two days ago and it's sadly been painted over. 3y
  •   alexwinn @amandact Oh wow!! And oh NO! It's bad enough when people tag over them but to have the whole thing wiped out!!? That must be heartbreaking :( 3y
  •   amandact @alexwinn It really must be, but that's the nature of street art I suppose. On the upside it makes way for new stuff, although it'd have to be pretty amazing to be better than this. 3y
  •   in.cog.nita Loving London through your eyes! 2y

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