•   instacase_ @glittercases can u make this one for an iPod??? 3y
  •   glittercases @instacase_ I'm only doing the iPod cases when they are pre paid bc I don't want waste a case that won't get bought. I've done a few that people asked for & when they were done they couldn't buy it. I'm sorry :( 3y
  •   instacase_ @glittercases I'm buying one of urs but Idk when so I wouldn't want u to reserve it for me & I also can't decide which one cuz I love them all but I need an iPod one 3y
  •   glittercases @instacase_ all chunky glitter cases require pre pay now bc no one gets those anymore. Thats why they are made to order. I don't want to waste a cases & supplies. So that's why I require pre payment now on special orders. :( sorry 3y
  •   instacase_ @glittercases just on the chunky glitter ones??? 3y
  •   glittercases @instacase_ no it's pre pay for iPod, any custom cases, if it's a case I don't normally & chunky glitter on any case 3y
  •   instacase_ @glittercases oh then I can't buy a case 3y
  •   glittercases @instacase_ I'm sorry but I've been stuck with too many that people asked for then after I did the work on it they dontbuy it. I mean if you really want to buy a case it shouldn't matter if it's gotta be pre paid. Just let me know when you're ready. 3y

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