wordonrd Drake x Rihanna At Club Liv in Miami 3y
  •   flyslantedeyes @_chillingout THANK YOU!!!!!  CUZ THAT BITCH IS UGLY AF!!!!! DRAKE & RITA ORA WOULD MAKE A LOVELY COUPLE!!!!!  3y
  •   kevoxcmac "O! that look like whats her name!?..." 3y
  •   kevoxcmac Chances are it is what's her name 3y
  •   gangstafab_ Rita loves Rob Kardashian sorry 3y
  •   kilokae Lol @ everyone who was calling Rih a whore, but now look. Rita Whora got put on blast :( 20 guys? Yeah, but Rih was a whore. 3y
  •   stlcl That's ugly of you Drake.... ;) 3y
  •   gia__24_7 They belong together 1y
  •   bryancarter101 You guys belong togerther 2mon

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