•   tinakoookooo Aww... Thank you doll, i just love your comments!  Do you mean: to use instagram on the computer? @julieannsh 2y
  •   julieannsh Yes, exactly - how to use on the computer? I tried hundred times via google play but it doesn't find my device. Sry for such a stupid question :D . You're very welcome ;) 2y
  •   tinakoookooo This is not a stupid question. Please wait, I'll try now!!  @julieannsh 2y
  •   tinakoookooo Can you help us??  @cucodevenegas 2y
  •   cucodevenegas hey you my dear @t_kkk and @julieannsh Is pretty easy, just go to instagram.com/accounts/edit and check your "manage applications" status (if any restriction) Then go to ink361.com or statigr.am and you can manage your published pictures, also your feed, give someone a like or to make a comment... you can even "repost" some pictures you want to share within your own gallery... but... you cannot upload any picture from other application than the mobile one. I'm not sure if I was clear enough? any further doubts? You are invited to my timeline anytime 2y
  •   tinakoookooo @cucodevenegas Hey my  Friend!! Thank you for your time and explanation. Once I'm home, I'll try it but I can not promise that I will understand everything. Maybe I need your help again!! Thank you.  2y
  •   julieannsh @cucodevenegas wow, I got it, i don't know how to thank you! Finally I can start posting my not Iphone made photos! :) @t_kkk thank you too my darling! And I think you had a clever idea about sending photos to email and then take it from there. Thank you both, guys, really!! :) 2y

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