shrinkle Thanks Mom & Dad, for arranging to meet me in a very public location and bringing my stamp collection from the 7th grade. I very much enjoyed walking the busy city streets holding a big box labeled "AMY'S STAMP ALBUMS" and a clear bin full of stamps. 4y
  •   arroz_y_kimchii Your parents have a good sense of humor. But it's pretty cool you have a stamp collection. 4y
  •   meaganpizza Strangely, this also just happened to me!?!? 4y
  •   shrinkle @beautiious Haha the crazy part is, they weren't even trying to be funny. That's my parents for ya! 4y
  •   arroz_y_kimchii @shrinkle Haha even better. 4y
  •   mimiranger @shrinkle i like your outfit 4y
  •   slhsith One day or weekend I thought I might start collecting stamps and I started putting Easter Seals into a photo album (the kind where you peeeeel up the plastic and seal it back down over photos, only I put in whole Easter Seal sheets.) Beyond that I had no idea how you'd acquire stamps let alone collect them. 4y
  •   junior_a_ellis_mua hahahaaaa #classic 3y
  •   jnsartistry Hahahaha brilliant!! 3y

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